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At Go Durbanville you will find a comprehensive and detailed range of service providers, retail outlets and suppliers of every product or service you require. Our aim is to bring local residents in contact with local business in a simple and efficient manner that is both convenient and easy to use. So whether you are looking for a plumber, electrician, pharmacy, guesthouse, restaurant or any other business type, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of what is available.
We offer a full search index of locally based business by category and industry. Your search result will offer you direct access to all contact details of the relevant business or service provider in order to allow you to get in contact in the format of your choice. A direct link to the business website is also provided .
Our Go Quote quotation system allows your to send your details and requirements to us and we in turn then send your details through to all the companies loaded on our database for the relevant product or service you have requested. The suppliers will then in turn contact you directly in order to provide you with the quotation or information you have requested.
How many of us want to get involved and help in community projects but just don't know where and who to help ? Go Assist is about getting the community organisations and projects to inform us all of what we can do. Whether it be financial donations, goods, time and expertise or just general assistance, we will provide you with the information available on a regular basis.
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