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Durbanville Childrens Home Sponsor a child
Durbanville Childrens Home - Sponsor a child campaign

The Sponsor a Child project offers those who are attracted by this cause a special opportunity to get involved. When contributing either a full or partial sponsorship for a child at Durbanville Children’s Home, a donor becomes a Guardian Angel for that specific child during their stay at the home. Contributions of R50 or more per month are welcome, but even a single payment is appreciated.

Guardian Angels receive newsletters and are given regular feedback on their child’s progress. However, in order to protect the child’s feelings, personal meetings cannot be arranged.

In order to make a donation, simply click on the donate button on the side of the screen. Please specify the donation as Sponsor a Child.

Phone Soulvy Pretoors on (021) 975 6822 for more information. Thank you very much for becoming a Guardian Angel at Durbanville Children’s Home!

Durbanville Just Charity
Just Charity - Purchase a CD and help the children...
We are a charity organization, situated in Durbanville. At the moment we are busy with a creche/orphanage in Khayelitsha. We have built a creche/orphanage for homeless children of which many are HIV positive. The lady that runs the creche is Nomatha. She also runs a small soup kitchen in the evening for the elderly. She offers singing lessons in the afternoon for teenagers, to keep them off the streets. They have already recorded a CD, which can be purchased at R100. Should you wish to purchase the CD, you can email Yolanda by Clicking here . For more information about Just Charity please visit our web site by clicking on our logo .
Won Life Durbanville Charity
Won Life Clinic and Early learning centre
Won Life is a registered Non-profit Organisation (NPO) with the vision to serve the community of Fisantekraal with excellent Christian service in the areas of health and education. This vision is carried out through our Community Health Clinic and Early Learning Centre. Fisantekraal is a mixed race community with a government housing development and informal settlement and is situated just outside Durbanville in Cape Town. The unemployment rate is high and due to the poverty there are many social problems. This is why we believe the provision of basic services in health and education have a positive impact and bring opportunities for future development in the area and in the lives of individuals living in the community.
Wimpy Durbanville
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